WD passport 500gb vs. seagate freeagent go 500gb

iam looking for a new external 2.5 enclosure hard drive something i wont need an external power source for and am stuck between WD passport 500gb and seagate freeagent go 500gb.

from the lks. i think seagate lks more appealing, and those lights lk cool and smaller in size but i read on this other forum that seagate has samsung drive in it, which for me is letting down coz if iam purchasing seagate i expect seagate to be inside aswell. (i dnt have anything against samsung just that they arnt as good as seagate). heres the link:


reliability for me is no.1,
if the HD dies on me and i have warranty, well that warranty wont bring back my lost data.

please help me decide which of the two is better. if someone out there has both or has used both, well their advice at this point will be priceless.

all suggestions are welcome.

thanks and best regards. :)
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  1. i have the wd passport 250gb (yes i know its not the same size but its a similar model/build quality), nice little drive, got it in the red cover, reasonably fast although you can feel it vibrating a little bit when transfering (as to be expected).

    havent had any issues so far, but its only a couple of months old atm.
  2. I have a Seagate Freeagent 320GB drive, and it has worked flawlessly in my many travels. Hooked up to a small Acer ONE Netbook, the Seagate provides fast save and load times, works great with iTunes, MS Office, and other applications.

    If it contains a samsung drive, it is doing a great job!

    The Seagate Backup software, as well as the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop model, were disappointing. The backup software skips locked files - so it is more of a snapshot copy. The software can give you backups of your media files and documents, but you will be unable to do a full disk to disk backup - some system files are beyond the reach of Seagate Backup.

    Norton Ghost can provide a full system backup and restore.

    I encountered difficulties with the Seagate FreeAgent 1TB Desktop Model.
    Though a desktop drive, it has very small connectors for data and power.
    After using the drive a number of times to backup files - the disk became unreadable. Truly a desktop only drive - the FreeAgent Desktop drive did NOT survive ongoing portable use. Being bounced about in a laptop bag was too much for it.

    The FreeAgent on the go drives continue to work, and were used and transported under the same conditions as the desktop drive. They do have aluminum casing, and must be protected from dents and scratching, but the metal casing helps keep the drive running cooler than other drives. And the glowing white LED is cool looking too - it lets you know when the drive is working and being accessed successfully.

    Passport drives have a hard plastic casing that provides stronger protection from cosmetic damage.

    For More Information on Seagate Portable Drives:

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