GeForce 9600GT Price Confirmed!!

NVIDIA 9600GT is suffering delays due to some cards have voltage offset issues, can not make it to the Valentine’s Day. But we try to dig out some more informations of the card.

Right after the card hits the market in February 21 (local time, china), there will be two versions available. The first one is 512MB and a 256MB version will also be released.

The price of 9600GT will be set between $169 USD and $189 USD. More higher than its predecessor, 8600GT’s launch price.

Our source said AA performance of 9600GT will be optimized, by utilizing less graphic memory than GeForce 8 series.

And, in the new ForceWare NV will also enhance video playback quality of 9600GT, by making it more colorful. Because users are complaining the color is too “light” when using GeForce card to output Hi-def video comparing to ATI Radeon’s.


So yea,with the arrival of this the 8800GS will become obsolete. Wonder how good will the HD3850 512MB perform against this baby. This is certainly cheaper...unless ATI drops the price on the HD3850's...

BTW:some early benchies from

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  1. Expect a price premium when they first ship. Also 256meg variants will be $169 I'm thinking.
  2. Yeah, I'm expecting at least $190.
  3. If those figures turn out to be correct, and I have no reason to think otherwise, then I shall be even happier with my doggies. :)
  4. I want to see 3850 512meg vs 9600gt 512meg
  5. I'll say the 9600GT 512MB will win against the 3850 512MB, since Nvidia won't release something weaker.
  6. They seem neck and neck to me. The only thing 9600gt has on 3850 is texture performance but 3850 have better shader.

    AMD just sucks with Lost planet. I don't know why since it's an xbox360 port.
  7. Mousemonkey said:
    If those figures turn out to be correct, and I have no reason to think otherwise, then I shall be even happier with my doggies. :)

    happy with my doggies? Wow there. :lol:
  8. marvelous211 said:
    They seem neck and neck to me. The only thing 9600gt has on 3850 is texture performance but 3850 have better shader.

    AMD just sucks with Lost planet. I don't know why since it's an xbox360 port.

    Hence why it sucks. And before you ask, "yes" I do dislike consoles these days.
  9. marvelous211 said:
    happy with my doggies? Wow there. :lol:

    Crysis @1680x1050 with all settings (except shaders) on high, no AA (not needed) 29.5fps outdoors/ 79+ fps indoors, and it looks gorgeous and runs buttery smooth. Wow indeed my friend.
  10. Actually, there is not likely to be too much of a price premium.
    I would actually expect them to possible go under those prices.

    I just saw an MSI 8800GT 512MB for $199 AR.
    With the 8800GT starting to go for near $200,
    The 9600GT will have a tough time getting $189.
  11. Actually, the 3850 512MB can be found for about $180-$190. Sometimes as low as $170 with rebates. And that's not even considering the inevitable price premium when the 9600 first ships. Might not be able to find one for under $200 at first. Depends how other cards go with their prices.

    I would also be interested to see a 3850 512 vs a 9600 512. Should be very close.
  12. so basically this card sucks and was released to compete directly with the 3850 and possibly the 3870? I don't get it. the 9600 series should be better than this? but it does show that nvidia can still produce a less expensive card that performs well. it's about time ati forced them into this price bracket. :-p. which is good for all of us in the long run. I will still stick to my original planned purchase of the gigabyte 3870 512 ddr3 for 210 with nwn2 considering the review it got (yeah, i found one for the gddr3 model.. it actually was slightly better in a few cases against the "one off" ddr4 models. I attribute this to high quality parts. but it's not an earth shattering change... considering it have an almost unnoticable performance hit compared to the gddr4 models in a few cases. either way, it's at least 20-30 bucks cheaper than any other model, has a pretty fan and a game... so i'll be happy. :-p ($30 fan + $50 game = 80bucks off imo, brings the price down to $130) IT"S A NICE! :-p

    and have i been out of the loop or something? 8800gs? I'm going to go look one of them up now. :-p
  13. meh, it still is going to suck when it has 256 and lose a bit to 3850 512. and not worth SLIing still
  14. a 3850 512 vs a 9600 512 chart you guys want?then you shall receive!(Well,kinda)
    here's a 9600GT Vs. 8800GT 512

    And here's 8800GT 512 Vs the HD3850 512

    the difference between the 2 testing conditions are not much,because the 8800GT from the first graph scored only 2 points lower than the second graph. Therefor you can indirectly compare the 9600GT vs. HD3850 512. ;)
  15. hmm... i still dunno... i'd rather see some real benchmarks, not synthetic... for some reason it seems that even though there are games where ati nails down the competition (vs price of course) that 3d mark just doesn't like ati cards... synthetic bench marks i think place faith (stress) in certain areas that may not be imprortant to some games... eg: some games utilize ati's features better, and some use nvida's features better because of what the game depends on... overall it doesn't seem like a *bad* card thus far... just not something that makes my nipples hard. :-p but great foot work. props! thanks for making my life easier! hehe.

    ps: are these on the same system?
  16. well... i just took a QUICK peek at the bench... if i'm correct and they are on similar/same system?... then the 9600gt is in DIRECT competition with the 3850 and below the 3870, where as the 8800gs is still better, and in close competition/beat out by the 3870... 88gs is just under 200 and the 3870 is just over 200, that puts the 3870 somwhere between the 88gs and the 88gt... and the 3850 is right in line with the 96gt... all price vs. performance of course.

    if this is all right... i think we may have a very well scaled and competitive video card market here very soon! :-p
  17. Oy,price update,the XFX 8800GS is for 170$ free shipped at newegg,and there's a MSI 8800GT 512MB on newegg for 191$ after rebates.(also a MSI with better heatsink and OC'd for 207$ after rebates) that tips the balance i think. HD3850 512mb is still around 190$ and HD3870 is around 220$
  18. 9600gt is supposed to be a little faster than 8800gs. Should be here any day now.
  19. i just did a quick google of "BFG 9600GT" and saw that they are avalible at most bestbuys,although at out rageous prices, more than some 8800GT 512MBs even.

    All 3 major Taiwanese Video Card Companies have the cards out already. Wow.
  20. I would stick to my 8800GT for probably another year. I'm planning on buying another 8800GT and putting it in SLI. The most I would do until the 9000 series architecture becomes a little more mature is upgrade laterally and buy an 8800 GTX or Ultra and work up to an SLI config from there, given that my mobo supports 3xSLI (hopefully they'll fix the stupid Crysis drivers)
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