I have Office 2007 installed ( running XP) along with Office 2003. Is it safe to unistall the 2003 version or will I lose the 2003 docs?
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  1. Your documents "should" be saved in My Documents folder, not the folder where Office 2003 is. To make sure, click on Start - Search - Search for Files and Folders. In the right column select "All files and Folders". In the right column again, click on More Advanced options. Check off Search System folders, search hidden files, and Search subfolders. Some may already be checked, if they are, leave them checked.

    Then go the search box "Search by all.... blah blah" and in the All of part of the file name: field type in "*.doc,*.mdb,*.xls,*.ppt,*.pst" without the quotes. Click on Search, let it finish. Look in the results and see where they are located. If they are not in anyplace in "C:\Program Files\....." you are OK. You will probably see some files there, but they are ones that came with the installation of Office, nothing you would have named.
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