Overclocking Pentium M 730

I've tried ClockGen but I can find the right PLL apparently, as well as Systool which is really buggy. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Has anyone ever overclocked a Pentium M 730 (1.6Ghz 533Fsb)? Ive seen its been done but theres no guide to it :( Im really avoiding physical mods like pinn modding, so if anyone could help me with ClockGen or something (cuz the clockgen site is dead) I'd appreciate it!

Intel Pentium M 730 - 1.6Ghz
2GB DDR2 Ram
Chipset - Intel i915PM/GM
Nvidia Geforce Go 6800
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  1. Why are you trying to overclock a laptop? That's just insane because the cooler won't be able to coup with the extra heat.
  2. I have an OC'ed M 740. I have a different chipset as well ati xpress200m (RS400/RC410/RC480)

    My PLL is i951416 or something (off the top of my head)

    I use clockgen and powerstrip for my IGP (300-->400Mhz OC)

    I have my CPU up to around 2.2GHz from 1.73 and will maybe try to go further.

    Anyway, is clockgen reading your clocks properly. use CPU-Z as a comparison with read values.

    from what I can find you are looking for a pll like this one


    If that doesn't work try others in the same set i.e. ICS9542******

    Good Luck. Let me know how you get on.
  3. My temp never goes above 56degC for the CPU and the GPU never artifacts at all.

    Don't listen to the nay sayers. They just don't understand. If your laptop is roughly useless without being OC'd then if you break it trying to make it USEFUL it is still worth the effort and learning exp.

    If you are not too gung ho' you shouldn't have any issues.
  4. run win95,

    The M series chips have a TDP of 25W. even when OC'd beyond recognition they stay pretty fuxin cool.

    It was in fact these dothan cores that brought intel back into the light, and they are the model upon which all core and core2 were birthed from.

    They MUNCH gameage. Keeked all over the Pentium extreme 3.6 GHz hyperthreaded nonsense of the time. People even bought them to install in their desktops.
  5. Haha, well I am also using CPU-Z to monitor my clock speeds and ClockGen is reading mine correctly. I tried reading all the clocks in clockgen but none of them matched or came close to mine. I wish the ClockGen site would work! lol Is there some kind of guide for the program?
  6. kickflipper1087 said:
    Haha, well I am also using CPU-Z to monitor my clock speeds and ClockGen is reading mine correctly. I tried reading all the clocks in clockgen but none of them matched or came close to mine. I wish the ClockGen site would work! lol Is there some kind of guide for the program?

    You could try using CPUCool. It's kept relatively up to date. Should work as long as you have the right Pll.
  7. Tried CPUcool just now, couldnt find a working PLL :(
  8. I don't know if the type of laptop that you have matters (it shouldn't), but I have an overclocked Pentium M laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000). The cpu was the same as yours (730 at 1.6 GHz) and has since the been replaced with one at 2.1 GHz. I never had any luck with software OC. If you look online there are several sites that can walk you through pin moding. I'd suggest this one

    It is actually quite easy. Temperature is not an issue at all and it will run on battery power fine (I still get 4 hours surfing the web).

    Things I needed:
    -a motherboard that could handle 533mhz fsb (check with CPUZ)
    -if you have a 730 than it is running at 533
    -a 400 mhz fsb CPU (i bought one off of ebay for like $25)
    -get one with 2mb of L2 cache
    -a piece of small wire (i got mine from my clock radio antenna)
    -arctic silver
    -isoproply alcohol
    -confidence that I wouldn't ruin my laptop :)

    The idea is to replace the current 533 MHz CPU with a 400 MHz CPU. The pin mod increases the fsb from 400 to 533. In my case I purchased a 1.6 GHz CPU with a 400 MHz fsb to replace my 1.6 GHz CPU with 533 MHz. Pin modding the new CPU resulted in the same CPU, but with a clockspeed of 2.1 GHz. Don't buy anything much higher than 1.6 GHz. The CPUs will cost too much to make it worth it and the chip may not be stable. At 2.1 GHz you are pretty much guarenteed stability. Too the best of my knowledge intel never produced a Pentium M faster than 2.4 GHz.

    Only issue I had was the site made it sound like you needed a VERY small wire so I tried to use one from an old set of headphones. The wire was too small. That was my only issue. Dell has good instructions online on how to disassemble and reassemble the laptop (if you have a dell). I was suprised at how resilient my laptop was as I disassembled it and reassambled it several times.

    This was my first time messing with computer hardware ever and have since then built my own desktop computer. Been reading Tom's for a while now and figured this would be a good way to start posting.

    Good luck!
  9. Ohh wow, thanks alot! Well I guess it is possible :) Im not sure if i wanna do all of that, as easy as it sounds though.

    I am running a Dell Inspiron 9300 so it sounds like we had very similar rigs, and this could be an option :) If i have some time I might just try it out! In the mean time im still gonna see if software can help til i do that / afford a newer computer lol thanks alot Luster
  10. Check the ignore GSB/PCI or whatever it is box. sometimes this will allow you to get into the FSB clock to change it.

    and just so you know. the pin mod does work, but for the NB-->CPU ONLY. The ram-->GFX stays at 100Mhz (400Mhz quad) so you lose HUGE amounts of performance from your IGP. I did this myself, I used a 1.8Ghz 400FSB and pumped it up to 2.39GHz. Get this though super pi took 2min 20sec.

    Honestly, soft OCing the 730 chip is the way forward. It keeps the RAM-->GPU bus at 133Mhz (533Mhz quad) and helps eek out performance there. I recommend powerstrip to OC your go 6800.

    BTW I just blasted my 740 up to 2.5Ghz last nght. Temps staying under 55degC the whole time. The fan is load controlled it appears so its getting loud but well worth it. I am using super pi to stress test. it's awsome. 1million places in 1min18sec. Not too shabby.
  11. Try using setfsb instead. I couldn't get it to work on mine, but it looks like there is a lot of supported PLL's for it.

    Good Luck
  12. You guys really like playing with fire, don't you? Systool, clockgen, etc...

    With overclocking, the safest and most reliable method is either through the BIOS (pushing up the FSB 'by hand', as it were) or, if the BIOS doesn't support it OR it's a laptop, using the pinmod. You just need one software glitch with something like Systool and your system won't overclock (if you're lucky).

    As for heat, use a good transfer gel, like AS5 or similar.
  13. Ill keep looking for solutions, thanks all for your help :) I just ordered a new desktop computer last night which will blow this one outta the water lol Anyone have good experiences with the Dual ATI Radeon 3870 gpu? this new desktop has it, as well as Q6600. Its lookin to be a beefy rig :)
  14. you can pin-mod a laptop CPU. its permenant and dangerous.

    dual 3870? i thought that gone out of production long time ago. but i guess its not a bad rig either.
  15. You mean the870X2? Should have gone with a 4850.
  16. i think he has the 3870CF not the X2 version since he said "Dual ATI Radeon 3870 gpu"
  17. pin-mod is not permanent you fool. at least not the one I used. you just bridge the Ziff socket with a high gauge copper wire.

    to un-mod you remove the copper wire.
  18. ^
  19. Check out this guide iluv...


    it is reversible.

    And BTW, I have my laptop on 2.5GHz, from 1.73GHz, @ stock volts using clockgen. The GPU takes a hit if you use the pin-mod method. I have done it and undone it myself with a 1.8 ---> 2.39. The "external clock" stays at 100Mhz instead of going to 133MHz with the CPU. so the bus to the GPU tightens and sucks balls.

    If only someone could show me how to artificially raise the clock on an RS400M/SB400 radeon xpress200m board.
  20. yeah of course its reversible if did it that way.but no one tell him to take it out every month or something.so its permenant in way.
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