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what is a good tv recording program that will work with my winfast 2000xp? I don't really like the winwast pvr that came with it are there any beter ones out there?
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  1. Honestly the best I have ever used is media center.
  2. skittle, what kind of rainbow did you taste? (had to say that)

    what is media center? I too use winfast 2000xp and I'm content with the winfast pvr that came with it, but I'm open for better.
  3. Media Center is the stuff that comes with Windows XP Media Center. I have it too, and it's OK. I like that it supports closed captioning - very useful when I try to improve my French.
  4. XP media center is alright... vista media center is leaps and bounds above it though.
  5. I go with Awevm's recco, BeyondTV is very good and has alot of features as well as a pretty good support community.
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