How do I install an email program

often I encounter on the internet the invitation "Contact me" However, when I try I receive a message saying an email program has not been set up so I cannot go any further. How do I set up such a program
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  1. Windows Live Mail or use Gmail with the Notifer.
  2. Go to Yahoo or Google and sign up for an email account.
  3. Free email clients:

    (1) Windows live mail is uSofts replacement for vista windows mail and outlook express. Not My choice, but that's just me.
    (2) Thunderbird seems popular
    (3) I use Outlook - NOT Outlook express (included in the upper versions of uSoft Office).
    (4) On my wife's system I ported over vista windows mail. She liked that and it was not too hard, but not straight forward either.
  4. RetiredChief said:
    On my wife's system I ported over vista windows mail. She liked that and it was not too hard, but not straight forward either.

    Hi Chief,

    My wife wants to upgrade to Windows 7 and stick with Windows Mail. Would you elaborate on how you made it work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Robert
  5. Robert
    (1) you will need access to vista Windows mail. In his case your wife still has.

    (2) Read this plus comments:

    Abreviated version.
    Ok, the link to get the files/programs is no longer valid. So:
    First you need to copy the Vista windows mail folder to a thumb drive, But first you must change the permission so that you have full control. Added - Don't forget to Export your old win mail emails and address book to a file and also put on thumb drive. Note: You can replace "thumbdrive" with external HD or DVD disk.
    After you have installled window 7 to rename the Windows mail folder to say Old Windows Mail.
    Then copy the folder from the thumb drive into windows 7 (Put it in the same folder that had the orginal windows 7 Windows mail folder (Should have been prorgam files).
    Click the winmail exe file.

    I'm looking for a better explanation.
    This one seems pretty good:
  6. Thanks Chief

    Windows Mail from Vista up and working in Windows 7.

    Here is what I did.
    Copied all Files in the Vista Windows Mail Folder and pasted them in a temporary folder on the desktop. Zipped all the files within the created temp folder on the desk top. Copied the Zip to thumb drive. On Windows 7 I renamed the Windows Mail folder to Windows Mail_Old, created a new Windows Mail folder and unzipped the file from Vista within. Take Ownership not required! Must be something with Zipping the files.

    Anyway thanks for the steering.

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