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Can I just put a Samsung HD253GJ with Windows XP Pro w/ Service Pack 3 preloaded hard drive in a dell p-490 as the primary drive. Plug and play or...what would i need to do?
Thank you
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  1. When you say "pre-loaded", did it come out of another working computer? How was it installed?

    If it was installed on a PC other than the same model you are working on, you will at the least need to update drivers for it, it will come up with a bunch of "detecting new hardware" prompts. Worse case, your PC won't boot to Windows.

    If this was a drive prepared by a manufacturer for use in any system, you can just plug it in, but will still need to load device drivers for your motherboard, video, audio, etc..
  2. Thank's hang-the -9.
    It was never installed. however it was made for a Dell Optiplex GX280.
    and I would like to install it in a P-490 as the primary.
    Will this work or what will I need to do?
  3. Check on the Sysprep tool. It has an option to clear out specific PC and hardware settings while leaving Windows and applications intact. However, if that drive was never used, you may as well just plug it in the computer and re-install Windows. Will take about as much time as running sysprep on it. And you will need to GC280 to run the sysprep on.
  4. Thanks again Hang- the -9,
    There is other software on the disk that I would have like to use. And I do not have a GX 280.
    So I think I will pass on the ideal.
  5. Well, the drive MAY work, or it may not. If the chipset on both systems is the same, you have a good chance. If you think trying this is worth messing up the drive and maybe not have it work in both systems, give it a shot.

    If you do try it, I suggest booting to Safe Mode first and installing the drivers for the new system if it lets you.
  6. Thank you So very much for your time.
    I am moving on.
    Thanks again Hang-the-9.
    I move you to a giver status in my mind ;?)
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