Q6600: Core Voltage/vCore (bios) != CPU Voltage Control (NOT vDROP)


I can oc my Q6600 on stock VID of 1.225 to 3.0

Now i want to oc to 3.2...I increased cpu voltage control to 1.35...and when i check the vcore in Bios, run prime95, check Core Voltage on CPU-Z those ranges in numbers have not changed at all comparred to the 1.225 voltage....they stay at 1.05-1.14 (never seen 1.2)

Also the temps stayed the same on both prime tests...for 1.225 and 1.35 (bios cpu volt settings)...

What I am saying is that the vcore in bios doesnt change...even tho the cpu voltage control does...if this was vdrop the core volts ranges would have shifted upwards a bit...but they didnt...

I dont get why the core voltages are exactly the same even tho I increased cpu voltage by a significant amount in bios...

Its like my bios settings are saving but not implementing the change!

I feel like my PC is telling me..."you are stuck at stock volt settings (even tho ill tell you something different)...and the highest I'll let you go is 3.0" =/

PS: I think even if i undervolt the cpu... the core volts (vcore) stay in the same range...

I did not install DES, C1E and EIST are disabled...
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  1. Don't have a solution, hehe! But glad I am not the only one. My NVidia boards do that sometimes. It drives me nuts!

    Stuck at 3.6 Ghz and 800 Mhz ram. 400 FSB.

    When I change it, everything even post shows DDR2 @ 830 and CPU at 3.7xx Yet when I get into windows, its 400 x 9, and ddr at 800 Mhz still.

    I have to apply the closest settings with the NVidia control panel dynamic bios access junk.

    Then all is well!

    Have no clue if you are using NVidia or not.

    I will watch this thread, maybe someone knows WHY it does what it does!

  2. I have a GA-ep35-ds3l.....the only thing I have found was that someone said that they updated thier Bios to the latest version and that fix it...not sure if that will work for me...but i have never flashed a bios...kinda scared....

    I have F4 Bios...newest one is F5...

    Anyone want to tell me how to flash bios using QFlash? I think you use a flash drive....but has to be formatted differently I think (not as a harddrive maybe)? ...anyone want to write a 10 sec guide? lol...
  3. get almost any USB flash drive. Copy the bios file onto drive (usually in format XXXXXXXX.Fx) Boot into bios. press f8 to enter flash utility. Select "HD0" or something, (in bios USB Key detected as a HD). Select your bios image. Follow on screen instructions. Its rather simple actually.
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