Help Overclocking AMD athlon X2 5400

I am super noobish at overclocking all i know is that a pc specialist(owns a store) so to only use your BIOs when overclocking but i have know clue on how and where i get to the BIOsand also how to overclock my amd 5400 its at 2.80ghz right now i just want to get it at 3.10 so that i shouldnt have to buy a better power supply and cooler and all that what not and also my fan is the fan the processor camewith when i bought it so is that goo enough for this overclock thax =)
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  1. you should be familiar with hardware stuff but its not that hard anyway
    maybe this article will help you
    if you want to reach 3.1 with that cpu you will for sure need a fan other than the stock fan
    be aware that you will rise the temps on you're ram and the north bridge
    so you will need a good airflow in the case
  2. I have the same processor running at 3,108MMhz. Its stable so far and the temperatures only went up 1-2 degrees. Just set your FSB to 222. You shouldn't have to adjust your voltage at all at that point. My MB temps didn't really go up much at all either. If you use the stock cooling system though you may want to keep an eye on the temperatures anyways. Good luck.
  3. I currently have it at 3,220Mhz its been over all stable with little to no voltage change.

    FSB 230x14. Just depends on how far your ram can overclock currently mine is at 920Mhz DDR2 4-4-4-12.
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