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Im thinking about transitioning from my old desktop to a permanent laptop setup; and i was wondering if anyone here knew a bit about NAS storage or just standalone external enclosures, a couple questions i've been researching:

it looks like most of these are designed primarily to use RAID configurations; are most compatible with just throwing in 5 old desktop harddrives? models are: Samsung spinpoint 500g, 2x Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750 gig, seagate barracuda 1.5 tb, and if it comes to it, i will be cracking the case on my 750 gig freeagent pro to put in the setup as well

NAS storage would be preferable, is it as simple to set up as loading/configuring software and plugging it into a network?

what companies make decent enclosures? are there any resources for people looking to start out doing this?

thanks to all who can help; will continue to research in the meantime
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  1. Alright, i've been doing research, and have been reading up on the Drobo; does anyone have one? thoughts?
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