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I just picked up a new LG 24" monitor that I seem to be having problems gettign the correct color. I installed the driver but did not see any calibration software for it. My 8600GTS video card seems to want to adjust the color for me but then I see adobe gamma in the control panel that is also looking to adjust the color.. then there are the controls on the monitor. I am totaly confused at this point where I should be making the adjustments... any help would be appreciated.

Right now I am using adobe gamma to set the monitor. I read an article on calibration that said bring contrast to 100% and bring brightness down to the point of where you see the dark box.. It looks good.. but very bright when just reading text on white background.
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  1. Well, i got a 24" LG as well and I assure you that there was no calibration software included. I tried the one from the NVidia panel, but I ended up (followed instructions to the letter) having 100% brightness and 0% contrast, which didn't really work out for me. At about 70& bright and 70% contr, at 6500 deg, it looks quite good. This monitor is so damn bright!!
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