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Everytime I Use My Search Companion I Get A Runtime Error And After I Click OK It Crashes And All Everything But My Backround Photo Disapears .Then My Documents Photo Pops Up And I Have To Wait Almost An Hour For Everything To Load Up Again . Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated ,Thanks And Have A Nice Day !!
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  1. Delete the search companion.
    Use Mozilla Firefox or other trusted browser / search engine only.
  2. OK I'm Not Trying To Be A Smart Ass Or Anything .But (1) How Do You Delete The Search Companion In Windows XP When It's A Main Windows Componet ? (2) What Does Mozilla Firefox Have To Do With Searching For Programs On Your Computer ?
  3. Download ccleaner, and run the registry tool. You may need to run this several times to fix all the issues.
  4. Well I Have That And Already Did That .Do You Have Anything Else I Can Try ?
  5. Check the event viewer. It's likely logging errors that can pinpoint the cause.
  6. Stupid Question But Where Is That Located In CC Cleaner I Can't Find It Nowhere ?
  7. start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->look under system and/or application for red Xs.
  8. OK I Did That And Found A Bunch Of Them Red X's With A Few Yellow Triangles Mixed In ,Now What Should I Do ?
  9. There is likely one error that is causing a cascade effect. Look for the first error at the time of a crash. What is the service that crashed?

    If you want, you can take a screenshot, and post it here. That may help.
  10. OK First Where Do I Put The Snap Shot At After I Reply To You ? And Second Should I Take A Snap Shot Of The Event Viewer With All Those Red X's Or The Actual Error That Happens With The Search Companion ?
  11. If you want to take a screenshot, take a screenshot of the event viewer, so I can see all the errors showing. Then double click on the first red x, and post that screenshot, so I can see the technical data.

    You can save the images, and upload them to a site like imageshack. Once you've uploaded them to imageshack, copy and paste the forum code here.
  12. Cool Let Me Do That Because I Have An Account There !
  13. OK I Don't Know If This Will Help But Here's The Link To The Account That Has 16 Different Snap Shots Good Luck
  14. It looks like you may need to update your chipset drivers, and maybe flash your BIOS.
  15. OK Before That I Ran The Search Companion Again To Get That Error And Take A Snap Shot Of That And Here It Is :
  16. Interesting. I'm not sure the problems are related.

    Try running a chkdsk.
    start-->run-->chkdsk /r

    Then run the system file checker.
    start-->run-->sfc /scannow

    You may also want to check the virtual memory setting. You may need to increase it a bit.

    If that doesn't help, a windows repair may be needed.
  17. Here's What Happens When I sfc /scannow
  18. It looks like it's found, and is trying to replace some damaged files. It's asking for your XP disc, to copy the file from.
  19. Let Me Ask This First .You Looked At The Error Right ? If You Remember I Was Searching For Lexmark .OK The Reason For That Is Because The Software That You Get With The Printer Wasn't Working Correctly OK .So I Uninstalled It And Deleted The Folders In C:/Program Files Keys From HKEY_CURRENT_USER And HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE .I Then Seached For The Rest To See If Anything Was Left .I Was Then Going To Delete Everything In The Prefecth Folder And Recycle Bin And Restart My Computer .Then Run A Registry Cleaner And Just Reinstall The Software With The CD That Came With It .But That Never Happened Because I Could Delete The Files And Then The Runtime Error Could That Cause That To Do That ?
  20. I Meant I Couldn't Delete The Files Sorry About !
  21. No, I don't think fragmented printer files would cause a run time error. Do you get the run time error when you search for other files?

    For future reference, revo uninstaller will uninstall software, and remove all registry traces. :)

    Did you use your XP disc, and finish the sfc scan?
  22. Well Yes I Did Indeed Run The Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD And I Thought It Fixed It .I Even Was Able To Finally Get Rid Of The Rest Of Lexmark And Used The Search Companion And Nothing Came Up ,No Errors Or Nothing .So I Restarted My Computer And I Deleted Everything In The Prefecth Folder And Recycle Bin .So I Decided To Test The Search Companion .So I Searched Google Because I Know There's A Lot Of That And There It Was It Showed It's Ugly Side Once Again .I Took A Snap Shot Of That As Well And Here It Is : (1) (2) (3)
  23. I think it's time to run a windows repair. Here's a guide. It won't affect any of your user data or 3rd party apps.
  24. Will I Lose My Favorites ,Photos ,Outlook Express Settings ,And Or Any Of My Loaded Programs And Is It Safe ?
  25. Yes, it's perfectly safe. It will only effect Microsoft files and apps. It won't effect your photos, bookmarks, favorites, outlook...etc. For a more thorough description, check out this sticky.
  26. Well I Ran The Repair From The Windows XP Service Pack 2 Disk But It Didn't Work .I'm On Somebody Elses Computer .About 34% Left Before I Get A Pop Up That Reads : The Software You Are Installing For This Hardware "Sound Max Integrated Digital Audio" Has Not Passed Windows Logo Testing To Verify It's Compatibility With Windows XP .It Gave Me A Yes Or No Choice Because Windows Strongly Recomeded That I Didn't Install This .So I Was Going To Click No To Move On But The Mouse Freezes And I'm Stuck There .If I Reboot It Just Loads Up And Continues And Will Lead You Back To This Same Error If You Follow The Steps Again .I'm Bringing It In Tuesday In The Hopes I Can Get Pass That Or At Least Go Back !
  27. That's not a huge deal. It's likely related to a windows security patch. Once the repair is done you can make sure all the updates are downloaded. If you click yes, it should proceed with the repair.
  28. Sorry But I Had To Get My Computer Fixed And That Cost Me 95 Dollars So Something Didn't Work .Nice Try Though !!
  29. Did they tell you what they did to resolve the issue?
  30. A Buddy Of Mine Wiped It Clean And Gave Me A Fresh Windows XP Install With Files Being Backed Up .Here's The Problem Well I Never Really Did Find Out What Caused The First One But The Second One With That Disk I Can Clearly Say This . If What I Tried Doesn't Work Then There's No Way Back But Start From Scratch And Pay Between 50 And 100 Dollars !!
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