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Hey guys,
I just recently bought a router and it's working fine and now I'm trying to set up a network so the two computer can share files and printers. So I did everything the instructions said and put in my WinXP CD and set up a home network on both comps, named the workgroup name the same for both and everything, and for some odd reason it's still not working. Though I guess is semi-working because one comp can detect the 2 computers on the network in my network places, AND it has a shared folder in my network places that my other comp is sharing...but when I click it I get and error saying that the adress in unaccesible, cannot find the computer or share name. So I tried installing the network again but no luck. It's as pretty odd problem because it's basically semi-working. Do any of you know what the problem is?? Thanks a lot.
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  1. Make sure client and file/printer sharing is turned on both PCs. Also if your running a fire wall on either system that maybe causing the problem.

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  2. ok there is a problem when you load a new OS on a system the TCP/IP gets all gay.

    Uninstall it and then Install it again on both machines and see again

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