WTB bx mobo with piii slot 1 550 support

I'm looking for a intel bx motherboard that will support a piii 550 slot 1. Nothing fancy neccesary, just needs to work. looking to spend 25-30.

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  1. I got one i'll sell you for $25 plus shipping.
  2. how much for shipping?
    you sure it works?
  3. yes i very sure it works. i'd say $8 to ship it.
  4. maybe u can send im a pic of the mobo to check for any defects and also of a system working with it as proof...

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  5. I don’t have a digital camera plus, if I did I wont have the time to do all that crap. I've told you everything I know about the board. If you want it great if you don't too bad.
  6. Six sold me a board with a broken socket! Anyway, I'll sell you a nice Slot 1 MSI MS-6163 for $35 plus shipping. It supports ALL Pentium II, Pentium III, and Celeron processors. Tested it with a Celeron 1100 Tualatin on Slot-T adapter at 1466MHz, no problems. PM me if you need details on my history.

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