[SOLUTION] How to use WRT54GS Linksys as an AP/Switch/Expander

Hi, after a lot of tries I finally discovered how to use this router as an AP/Switch/Expander ... you must know it can´t be done directly, you´ll have to do some tricky things.

I updated my firmware to v5 (Id on´t know if that had something to do but whatever...)

1. First of all you´ll need to reset the router, just press the reset button at the back for about 30 sec
2. Disconnect all cables from it (except the power cord)

Step 1:

If you wish to have a different name for your wifi besides linksys or if you want to add wep or wap (password) follow this first step, if not just go up to Step 2

3. If you´re going to use a wireless pc just go into your browser and type (user: admin / pass: admin), if you´re going to use a non wireless pc just connect your pc to the router by the cable and do the browser thing.
4. After that just go to the wireless option and change your name (press save settings) after that reconnect (you´ll see your new name) and go the wireless settings again and add your security wap/wep or whatever you want (save settings)
5. know you´ll have to reconnect again you´ll see your new name and know you´ll be asked to enter the password.

Step 2:

6. Connect your internet cable (the one that comes from your main router) into PORT1 (not the wan port)
7. Restart your conecction
8. And know your WRT54GS should be "expanding" your network

Hope it works for you cause it works for me.... enjoy it !!!

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  1. 1. You should change the IP address.
    2. You should disable DHCP.

  2. What if I want to connect AFTER doing all those things?

    My home network is 10.0.0.*. I have DSL modem that includes 4 LAN ports and wireless. I added the Linksys, and everything has been working fine, but now I can't connect to the router to administer it, meaning that I no longer see it in the network. I even used Wireshark to trace the route from my computer to the DSL router, but I can't see it!

    Does it has an IP address? Or it's now just like the old network hubs, that didn't have an IP?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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