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Troubleshooting Win 7

I have Win XP on a separate HD and I am upgrading to Win 7 on a new HD. How do I do this and prevent dual booting from being installed on the Win XP HD. I want to be able to remove the Win XP HD from the system and just run the Win 7 HD.

Thanks for your help. Bill
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  1. The best way would be to remove the XP HDD and install Win 7 on the new HDD. After the installation is complete, simply reconnect the XP HDD and copy your files to the new HDD.

    Make sense?
  2. I have to be running XP since the Win 7 CD is for an upgrade not a new installation. Can I remove the XP HD after XP has booted without hurting anything?
    Thanks for your reply. Bill
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    You can actually boot directly from the Win 7 DVD and choose the custom (a.k.a. clean or full installation) option. Removing the HDD in mid-stream can be done, but is not recommended.
  4. Thanks, I'll try that.
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