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My 1900gt recently broke and sadly the warranty on it has passed. Now I am face with which video card to get. At first I was thinking going really cheap like a 8600gt ($80 after MIB on newegg) since I don't really game much anymore. But now I'm leaning more towards just going for the 8800gt so I won't have to upgrade in a longgg time. I could of course go somewhere in between though.. However, there is no real rush in getting a new video card because my 1900gt is still capable of running windows and (usually) playing movies just fine, it just can't play any games, it crashes after a few seconds. So if there is going to be a new technology released anytime soon that will drop prices I can always wait for that.
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  1. i have my old 1900xtx on eBay if you want a replacement. Just a thought. Otherwise it looks like you are looking around $100 correct?
  2. Thats a pretty nice card there jay2tall.
    A month ago I would have snatched it up for a friend of mine.
    Unfortunately, he spent his savings he had for a graphics card on a Q6600 and I let him borrow my x1800xt since I can't even use it right now(long story). I'd also get it for myself if I had some spare cash. :P

    I don't think I'll be selling my x1800xt when I build a new system. Now that I'm stuck on an old agp motherboard I really regret selling my 9800pro... I really loved that little guy, worked perfect. I think I might be suffering from mild insanity. Hehe :lol:
  3. AHHHHHHHH!!! D= AGP!!!!!!!!!!

    *Runs away
  4. wheel-en and deal-en on the forumzzz i see...hehe :)
  5. Are you sure it's the GPU? I could be something else, like the PSU. What are your system specs? Does your system get really hot or do you know? Are you now on a AGP mobo?
  6. ryanthesav said:
    wheel-en and deal-en on the forumzzz i see...hehe :)

    haha no it was just ironic I posted that 5 minutes before i read that post. Hey it's not a bad price like some on there that want like $200 for the stupid things. I just a fair price. It sits there with the lower end of the higher end cars so it would do someone great if they are trying to same some cash.
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