Overclocking Pentium D 945 to avoid bottleneck 4870

Should I overclock my Pentium D 945 to avoid it bottlenecking my 4870.
I have an Asus P5Q-E motherboard, 2 GB Corsair CMX2 @ 800MHz, PSU 650w Antec TP3

By how mcuh can I overclock the Pentium D 945 on the Asus P5Q-E motherboard.
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  1. It's not worth the heat and power consumption.

    spend $70 on an E2180

    or spend $120 on an E7200

    They both are great overclockers and both will smoke a Pentium D.

    Your mobo can handle either.

    Edit: 4 months ago i had a pentium d 925 and it bottlenecked one of my 3870s. IMHO, the P D 945 will hold you back. If you OC it, you will probably have heat issues.
  2. ^+1
  3. ^+1 for 50bmg

    Unless you live near the arctic circle and you need extra heating I would not oc that PD. If you do you will accelerate global warming ! ;)
  4. I'd say don't spend any money on a new CPU. Instead over clock that pentium D to... oh let's say... 8GHz should do it. Or you could take the easy way out and just get a modern CPU, but that would be too easy.
  5. Well I think I'm gonna go for an E8400 since its a cheap new processor and its very good to overclocking according to reviews.

    I wanted to have a Quad core but since no games and little applications use that then a Core 2 Duo will do the right thing.

    The Peuntium D seemed dead. It was a great CPU when it came out.
    I had a Pentium 4 2.4 and upgraded to that CPU.
    When I put it in my new custom-built PC I see little performance despite having two cores.

    Hope the same thing won't happen with the E8400.

    I just need to have the right CPU.

    I can't wait for the new generation to come later this year.

    Well Thanks guys!!!!
  6. My Pentium D bottlenecked my 9600GT when I got it. No OC'ing could fix what it would do to a 4850.
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