Q6600 GO+Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer+Asus P5Q-E Compatible

I'm getting A q6600 go and a Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer 120mm fan, and the Asus P5Q-E. Will the heat pipes/sinks on that mobo get in the way of that cooler. It's hard to tell cause I dont have my hands on the parts yet. Anybody got that setup? Thanks for the help.
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  1. Should be fine, most newer boards are designed with the fact that you are over clocking in mind, and the fact that you will need room around that socket!

    I haven't heard of one person that had a problem like that. So you are good to go! Be sure to run core temp, or real temp, and look to see what the VID of your new q6600 is when you get your paws on it!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the heads up thats what I figured about the mobo. I just have to be sure now that that cooler will fit inside an Antec900 case. I have another thread started for that. You wouldnt happen to know would ya?
  3. It should, since both a TRUE and the other 1283 xiggy do. I have both, and have had them in the same case!


  4. i think you have a VID fetish lupi ;)
  5. Thanks man. I never like to trust dimension's of the web. When I measure it and see it, then I know. Anyway I hear from a one Proximon that he couldn't get Crysis to work on the P5Q-E, that he got a copy protection error. I really don't need that mobo if I cant play the game i'm really getting it for. Also I have 2x1G of Kongston HyperX. I'm not overclocking the RAM, is it gona be compatible? Thanks for the solid info.
  6. If you have a tall NB heatsink there might be a problem. I have this heatsink installed in my Gigabyte P35-DS3R and I have to cut two fins on my NB heatsink as the clip hits those two fins. I have Antec 900 case and its a tight fit. I have to cut one corner of my side fan to close the side panel. This are no big deal as this hatsink is one of the best . Upgraded from Zalman 9500 and can't go past 3.0ghz on my Q6600 after installing this I can easily get 3.2 ghz with idle temp of 35C and more room to go further.
  7. Well I really don't have to have the side case fan do I? I know the mobo will need air but I could compensate with the other fans, (I can stand some noise). And are you saying you did have to trim those P5Q-E heatfins? What did you use? I may just have to go for a Zalman 9700 all copper. It may not have direct core contact with the heat pipes but all copper outa cool a Q6600 to 3ghz pretty easy right? Thanks for all the help man.
  8. The Gigabyte P-35 DS3R it has a tall heatsink. I saw the P5Q=E heatsink I think your okay with that. the reason I have to put aside fan on my Antec 900 is to cool my GeForce 8800GTS 512 G92 this card OCed and it runs hot. It' easy to cut the corner of the side fan as you have to cut only one side of the corner.
  9. OK sorry I forgot you were talking about your gigabyte board. I have a EVGA 8800gt superclocked running at 700/1744/950 in a dell E510 and it still idles at 52 at 60 fan. I think I might could just do without the side fan for a while, so no worrys witht the cooler. I found one last potental prob. though. I'm seeing some old and new articles talking of how to install SATA drivers for XP on a new HD. Is this still a problem. I read someone's thread talking of a floppy disk that comes with the mobo. Well I am only going to be able to afford an Open box P5Q-E from NewEgg. Is it going to have the disk. Do you have any experience with open box items? Thanks for your time man, Ir eally need the help though on this first build.
  10. All OEM progies are available to DL on line.

    Normally by the time you buy a board, it's drivers on the included disk are way out of date!

    So don't let that deter you! New egg is kewl, if it had an LCD poster, or other item of proprietary design, then open box would be bad.

    I am not positive, but from what it says, new egg doesn't even ship the included items, even if they have them!

    Hopefully, it's just worded bad, because that would be very sad if they have said items, but just dont ship for open box items!

  11. I'm a little confused too. If I get an open box they won't ship it even if they have it? So if I order it I wont get it? Well you dont happen to know of a rep. site that sells it for less than $150 Retail right now? If so that would be Ok cause I have to get the parts at different times anyway. Also I have no idea what OEM progies means. Call me noob if you must.
  12. I bought asus mobo open item on newegg before and have to RMA coz it's not working. It was only motherboard and no backplate driver disc and some of the peripherals so you would end up buying cables and downloading drivers and you end up with no backplate and it does'nt look good.
  13. Well sorry giys but I just ran upon the extra cash just now today to get one retail. If you know of a rep. site that sells for less than $150? Thanks again.
  14. Will this cooler fit on the GA-EP45-DS3L?

    I see that there are quite a few problems with the tall Gigabyte North Bridges. Did they fix this design in the latest build?

    Will the Xig fit?
  15. The same NB with the Gigabyte P35-DS3R so you have to bend or cut two fins of the NB heatsink. Yes the Xigmatek will fit. First I have the xigmatek but have to RMA bec. the push pins are difficult to install and in the process of putting pressure to attach the heatsink some of the exposed pipes that made contact to the cpu are bent after applying pressure on the push pins ( this are pain to install ). If you are planning on getting this Xigmatek get the bolt through that they sell they sell at newegg.
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