some questions a noob needs answered =)

I have two quick questions about Prime95. what is round off checking
and is it important to have that checked when I am using my e8400?

Second, I run prime and after about 3 hours my first thread will kick
the bucket. It failed on a blend test running an FFT of 256K and and
20K. only one thread will fail though... my other thread seems to run
very stable. I let thread 2 run for about 4 extra hours longer then thread
one and it still didn't die. Any ideas? Would this be a vcore issue or
a voltage issue with my FSB or Northbridge?

my fsb is at 439 (just above the 433 strap with 8.5x)
my vcore is at 1.32.

i upped the vcore to 1.33 and the same failure happened after 3 hours.

if anyone has any ideas or needs more info please let me know i am a noob to this and really want to get better =)
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  1. Round off checking, it will halt the thread when a round error is detected, even if it wouldn't have bombed the app.

    It can still corrupt your data if you experienced it while doing other calculations.

    So you want it on.

    When a thread fails, it is opporating at 50% power, so the second thread will prolly not fail at all, because the processor as a whole isnt being fully stressed.

    Blend is usually a RAM error. So re test with small ffts on both cores for hours, and see what happens!

    Blend for RAM, Small FFTs for processor stability.

  2. ^+1. small fft's went for an hour with me but failed within 7 seconds when i tried blend....seem having my RAM at 1T was too much -_-
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