n00b question...SATA vs. IDE DVD for new build?

I finally have every component for my first build except a DVD/CD burner. My question is, should I get a SATA or IDE drive? It seems from what I've read that SATA optical drives are only slightly faster, but less reliable than IDE, and that you can't boot to a SATA CD drive. Will I be able to install Windows XP from a SATA drive? I'm obviously confused about this matter and would appreciate your thoughts.

Mobo is a Gigabyte EP35-DS3P. I'll also be running 2 x WD SATA HDD's.

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  1. Sata done caput
  2. Silverion77 said:
    Sata done caput

    Do you need more time to think about it? You seem a little unsure. :lol:
  3. lol
  4. Now that that's been answered, would you suggest a Samsung SH-S203N or an ASUS DRW-2014L1T?
  5. I suggest the Samsung 203B or the N

    The N is more expensive because of Lightscribe if you need it.
  6. OK, so once I connect all the parts and cables of my computer and press the power button, then what do I do?

    And please answer in 5 words or less. ;)
  7. put disk'in and boot CD (ha 5 words...had to put some together though :D)
  8. I wonder who put the lie in that you can't boot from a sata dvd drive. I've had no problems doing it with my LG
  9. I've seen several posts where people have problems, but it is usually because they don't have their SATA parameters set correctly, or the initial boot order right in the BIOS.
  10. Lots of things get spread based on misinformation, nothing we can do about it.
  11. I have heard of people having problems using a SATA optical drive if they have a RAID array of SATA hard drives? Any truth to that? I was considering going with a PATA optical drive for my build to avoid any such issues, but I would prefer SATA if it will work. Hope this is still on topic, don't mean to hijack.

  12. no such thing that i heard of...and a lot of people here have raid and sata drives

    Should be fine
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