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I need a new computer for video editing and CAD. In the future, maybe some games too (I have PS3 for gaming and don't really care about new games at the moment, but maybe I would try some in the future).

I have 2 options:
- buy a used PC (i5 or sth)
- buy a used Lenovo C20 (2xE5520, 24GB, 2xQuadro NVS 295, without HDD)

As the benchmarks go, they are pretty even. Unfortunately the best benchmark I could find was CineBench, and this was just for rendering a picture. I compared the Lenovo with my friends PC - i5, 8GB, HD7850

The score was 7.24 vs 5.92 in favor of the C20.

It doesn't seem much more powerful, but is it?
It sure is more expensive, 650€ vs ~550€.

Could give me any suggestions, what should I do?
For me it seems there's more future to the workstation than for an ordinary PC (but ofcourse I have to wait for the parts to get cheaper).
If somehow I would like to play some games with my PC, could I just add an PC GPU and play easily?

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  1. quadro video cards perform notably better with cad and graphic design programs then gaming models consumers typically buy. and vice versa of course.

    if you will be doing 2d cad or very minimal or simplistic 3d cad then either will most likely work for you. for heavy cad you could get away with a top end graphics card in the consumer sector but i would suggest a quadro.

    i'm a cad designer myself, this is from experience.
  2. Thank you!

    So the graphics cards are obsolete?

    If I do cad, it's 99% in 3D.

    I guess the workstation is then overrated and I could get a normal PC such as good, but cheaper?
  3. as i stated the professional quadro cards are more suited for cad work.

    with that said though, high end consumer (Gaming) cards can also be used but are not as efficient with cad.
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