Which Processor for DAW Windows XP PC

I'm researching components for building a WINDOWS XP PRO (32bit) PC to use for
DAW recording with Cubase. I am thinking of the following config for the processor, MBO & CPU.
Reliability and quietness of components is important as well as great performance for Cubase 4.

--MBO: Asus P5K-E/WIFI
--DDR2: Corsair PC2-6400 (2x1GB)
--PROCESSOR: Intel C2 Duo E6600

I've done quite a bit of digging and it looks like the ASUS P5K-E and Corsair memory
are highly recommended and are incorporated in many preconfigured DAW PC's I've seen.

My main question currently is whether the E6600 CPU is a good selection. I welcome
any comments or suggestions.
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  1. hi - I would strongly suggest using a core 2 quad. Music software is highly multitasking. You'll be simultaneously running your DAW software (probably Sonar Producer), at least one and probably more virtual instruments, and effects. I'd also cram the box with Hitachi Deskstars and shortstroke them for max performance...stevenpchurch
  2. Is this a program that can take advantage of multiple cores? Q6600 comes to mind. If you go with two cores only, then you would be foolish to get the E6600 in place of a E8400. Just my opinion.
  3. Yes I believe Cubase does take advantage of multi-cores, also what sound card will you be using.
    And why aren't you using a mac for daw? as it sounds like you have a relatively large budget.
  4. cubase has been multithreaded since version 1 i think... go for one of the lower tdp intel quads, these will give you the best compromise between processing power and heat...

    lots of heat = lots of fan noise = bad audio monitoring environment

    if you have a big lorry full of money then get a mac pro...

    i know its mainly opinion but for audio, and content creation in general macs seem better equiped. the only thing stopping me from moving my DAW to mac is the price and the limited customization options.

    if mac os x was made to run on off the shelf hardware like windows id buy a copy
  5. Thanks for your replies. I will be primarily using Cubase 4 for virtual instrument drums and strings and other keyboards sync'd to other recording gear. My audio interface is a FW1804.
    Looking to spend around $1000'ish for starters on the PC...including MBO, CPU, Corsair, HD's, etc. Not needing the latest greatest, but maybe previous latest greatest. Looking for most value for the $.
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