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been reading these forums for a while (round a month) but found no reason to register besides commenting on threads and such. Until now.

Allrighty then,

Specs :

Intel e6600 2.4ghz 1066FSB
Intel MTB D975XBX2 1066FSB
Galaxy 8800GT 512Mb
Corsair dominator 1066mhz ram
Coolermaster 500W $90 (bout 5 months ago) PSU (not faulty)

Uuh, i can't seem to OC my system without the blue screens of death showing up unpredictably. (I ran orthos for 10hrs - stable, but when i Launched UT3 Blue screen of death flash) And they flash on and off so fast i cant read what they say.

K, the e6600 can OC to 2.8GHz without voltages needed to be changed at all, until it becomes relatively unstable. My e6600 can't make it past 2.52GHz stable with voltages upped. - when playing a game.

Now i'm trying to pinpoint the problem. But i have no idea how to. I do not wish to test another OC since, my bro is using that PC right now and last night i had to take out the battery and reset the BIOS.

So if anyone could provide suggetions / questions on how to pinpoint the problem that would be great.

Oh BTW : I have a feeling my MTB is somewhat allergic to OCing (MY MTB not the type) or my CPU clock is somehow locked, and that 2.52GHz is the end of that lock range. Yes it sounds stupid but... lol.

And if u guys have any questions please ask.
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  1. I think your motherboard does not officially support FSB over 1066 (266MHZ), maybe you need to increase the NorthBridge voltage as well. What is you RAM speed and timing when overclocked?
  2. Aww thought it would've been something like that.

    Northbridge? Is that like MTB voltage?

    Umm, my Ram ratio is 2 : 3 and CPUZ reports 400mhz 2.4ghz (pretty sure im running on 800mhz)

    timings are 5-5-5-18
  3. so you have two problems
    1- it sound like a graphic driver that causes the BSODs
    i would suggest that you uninstall the current one and reinstall it
    use driver cleaner its a good software
    to read what bsod has write to you, go and read it in the event viewer and check there(control panel->administrator tools) and with the even id number google about it

    2-the problem with the overclocking that you have for me it sounds like the temperatures(overheating) is the main reason check you cpu fan and you're case airflow
  4. Google computer system overclocking 101.
  5. chechnyan said:
    ...................case airflow

    ok i dont think its my GPU because,

    a) the error only happens when i am OC'd.
    b) I have the new physx driver (NEW)
    c) the errors have happened with previous drivers installed

    And my CPU temps are fine. Sometimes like 20deg idle. So unless my CPU temp raises by 40degress with like .2Ghz OC then...

    thx for the reply tho.
  6. it could only be the mobo's incompatibility.
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