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I heard that there is gonna be a new platform in 2009. I am planning to build a new high end rig in June or July but after hearing that i am not so sure if i should yet. Is the new platform gonna be a whole new socket? If thats the case i just might wait for another 6 months or so. And is the new platform going to be ATX still or is it gonna be something else like BTX?

P.S - excuse me for saying or asking something stupid but I am really confused about all the stuff i have been hearing from my friends.
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  1. Yes, for Intel there will be a new socket/platform in 2009. It will not be backwards compatible, will require DDR3 memory and will support Nehelem based processors.
  2. Difficult questions, I have the same dilemma last December.

    But for me it will be depend on your situation: If you have PC already (and still can play your games on it) don't buy, wait for next year. Or upgrade the VGA so it can play current games.

    If you don't have any pc yet, and you want one so badly, why not? Intel have not announced the release date yet, from what I've heard, it could be beginning next year or maybe later.

    Still there are many variables to be counted. So it will be depend on you. Or go for AMD, at least they are promised their current AM2+ socket have a "future compatibilities" .. Although I myself do not really count on their promise. I remember they made the same promise on their AM2 socket. But their recent Phenom, despite it will fit on AM2 socket, but many mobos reported to be really difficult to do, if not impossible :D And they made the same promise with their old 939 soket etc. So far after 939 they made 3 changes already, while intel stays on LGA 775. Well, I'm also aware that Intel did change too, despite keeping the same socket, but they always change the chipset :p

    All of these marketing promises means nothing than drawing our money as much as possible :D Please you guys from AMD/Intel give us some enlightments, I believe you're here :D :D :D
  3. There is allways something new coming....
  4. well, i was gonna drop around 1.5k on my new rig or so. Planning on Maximus or Rampage formula, Q9450, 4870X2, 4 GB of DDR2 ram, and maybe 2 barracuda 7200.11 500 GB in raid 0. with the new platform coming up, i don't really know.... any idea how much better nahelem will be then the quads that are coming up? if its not alot then I might just stick with my plan since with that rig, i think my gaming performance is already good enough for another 3 years or so.
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