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Hello, can someone tell me if it is at all possible to get a processor for a Dell mobo model number E210882? Right now there is a Pentium D 325 in there which is 2.4Ghz. I'm just wondering if there is anything better out there for rather cheap because this PC is going to be used in a garage for messing around.
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  1. need to know your system model number. thats an oem board that is unique to whatever model number your system is
  2. its a dell dimension 1100
  3. Pentium D 805 could technically work in there, if you want it to be modernly fast, pick up an mATX motherboard and processor to switch to socket 775. the upgrade can cost you less than $150, but for goofing in the garage? leave it as is and throw some more ram at it to freshen it up.
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