Replacement For FeForce 6200 128mb agp 4x please advise

Hi, Please can someone suggest a graphic card that I can change easily for my GeForce 6200 128mb 4X Agp
My Wife Loves the Sims 2. and I want to upgrade, but do not know the difference between PCi,PCie,AGP Etc
Would like to spend less than £100.00 if possible, and would like 512mb if poss.

Any Help Appreciated...!!
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  1. Since you already have an AGP card that means you have motherboard with an AGP slot... and because you have an AGP motherboard it's HIGHLY unlikely that you have anything other than plain-jane PCI slots.

    In terms of bus speeds PCIe > AGP > PCI. Don't worry though... AGP will do fine with the Sims 2.

    Either that or try to find a used 7900 GS that's AGP on an auction site, but that would only be a 256 MB card and you specifically mentioned 512 MB. That link I sent... I know it's a US site, but that should give you an idea of what you're looking for on the other side of the pond. Because you're going up a class in terms of GPUs you'll also have to consider whether you need a larger power supply or not. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. ATi 1950PRO 512MB AGP is the fastest AGP card in the world(DX9). Try nV. equivalent and be disappointed.
    There are plenty of 512MB cards for AGP, but ATi is faster and w/better image quality. For the AGP world esp.
    I have X1600PRO 512MB AGP and it rocks all games. I can play Oblivion at MAX everything, 1280x960x85mhz
    with that card and a AMD 2600+, 768MB RAM, Audigy 2... beat the game w/that hardware. The X1600PRO512MB AGP
    is less than 100$, pounds, or what ever you trade for stuff. The X1950PRO 512MB AGP OR the HD3850 512MB AGP card too! There you get DX10 if you need it. Plus it stomps the X1950PRO.

    W/ either card your PSU should be just fine. It's only AGP after all. The limits on power usage don't come close to PCI-E cards these days. ALSO the 3850 is the most efficient card out there in terms of power AND price/performance...
    can't be beat.

    Good luck!
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