What memory is compatible with Tuniq and Asus P5ke?

Hi. I thought I was finally ready to order my system, but when I read Newegg reviews some were concerned about the memory's heat sink height on the ones I was looking at. They are larger than usual, and reviewers said it could interfere with an after market cooler. They don't say which motherboards or coolers, so now I have to guess if there's a problem with what I wanted to build. I'd rather have it figured out before I order. If someone knows of a memory that runs cool and doesn't have height problems, I'd appreciate knowing which ones. Or if you know that these choices below are ok with Tuniq then I could order. I'd rather not have to return anything if I can avoid it. thanks :p

The system is: Asus p5k-e, with Q6600 G0 stepping to be OC'd to 3.6ghz or as near as possible. Using a Tuniq or Freezer Pro 7 (most likely a tuniq). I'd get the FP7 if it is close to being as good since it's smaller, but I'm not sure.

The ram choices I was looking at:
corsiar 4GB - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145176
OCZ - 4GB - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227267
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  1. Definitely go for the REAPER one, it has better cooling + better timings, i have 4x1GB of REAPER RAM with 4-4-4-15 timings and they are solid, here is my rig :

    Core2Duo E6600@3.2
    OCZ 4GB REAPER DDR2 800 4-4-4-15
    OCZ 8800GTX @612/1080(=8800ULTRA)
    XP 32 + SP3
  2. Thanks Maziar. I was hesitant to get any of them because reviewers on newegg saying they were so high that they would interfere with coolers..

    But after looking at many pictures of the motherboard and Tuniq Tower, I actually think they will fit. So I don't know what those reviewers are talking about, but they look like they'd fit when I look at photos on the net of the mother board layout. That said, The OCZ Reapers are probably the best choice. Thanks for mentioning them. :D
  3. No problem mate :)
    Btw dont read the newegg reviews, they arent useful
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