8800 GTS 512 thread stuck in driver error

Has anyone else gotten this error and if so what steps have you taken to solve it ? This is a brand new build, everything is new, including the harddrive and power suppyly, running the 169.38 driver now, kick the fan speed up to a 100%, same problem specs below

XFX 8800 GTS 512
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  1. can you type out the exact error text?
  2. of course I get the nvklmmnm or whatever error when running vista, and when trying to run 3dmark i get this error
    IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed:Device lost (D3ERR_DEVICELOST)
    and when running xp, i get frozen frames, and kicks into 16 bit graphics with error
    nvidia4disp has stopped running, please restart your computer to restore

    basically im wondering is this just a driver support error or a error with the card itself, i know the card is new, less then 2 months old, so want to get it narrowed down to what exactly is causing it before i cant rma my card anymore. thanks. Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078) is the exact error.
  3. That, my friend, is probably an issue with your RAM.

    Try pulling ALL of your RAM and testing each stick in each slot alone, this will take time. You need to try to duplicate the exact error, not just run Memtest. If you get the error with all sticks in all slots, look to your vidcard and RMA the piece of sh**. If you cannot duplicate the error with any sticks, put them all in and run memtest, there may be some other compatibility issue, and replace the RAM.

    You should run memtest and try to duplicate the error with each stick in each slot. If you have 4 sticks, this might take some time so be aware of that. If you can't conclude that you have a bad stick then return your video card.

    If you're sure it's the card -

    Ensure you have the latest BIOS updates for both your motherboard and video cards, uninstall ALL drivers for your cards with driver clean or whatever kids use these days. You should RMA the card while you still have time, to be sure. This will eliminate a defective card from consideration (assuming the card you have now IS defective and you won't just get a defective card when you RMA, it's a crapshoot.)

    I have had the problem before in XP and Vista (in Vista the message is different, but it's the same problem). I tried reinstalling OSes and RMA'd the motherboard due to my belief that it MUST be the mobo because I had purchased very good RAM from Corsair... they're RAM isn't so hot, come to find out. It turns out that after several RMAs, 3 out of 8 sticks from matched pairs were bad, and the second I switched it out I had no more "thread stuck in device driver error".
  4. Your right it is the ram, I ran my comp with only 1, 2 gig stick in there, issues gone, put the other one in, and the issue is back, guess im just stuck with 2 gigs for now. lol
  5. Nobody really know what causes that error...

  6. I should have bought pny, lmao, but it seems to be true, anyhow, yes 1 stick is bad, problems disappeared the minute i pulled it out, and started some games i had issues with. Now we get to see how the rma goes, lol. As far as the error goes, half is right, both sticks has passed memtest several times, yet if i put that bad stick in, let my screensaver get going in xp, after a while ill get the nv4 yaddda, yadda, yadda. put the other stick in which has also passed memtest with the other, problems gones, smooth sailing, can run my games again, aqua mark, which was my first big clue i had a problem lol, so i guess while memtest is nice, nothing beats the old fashion way, put in one stick at a time, power on, dink around, try to replicate the error.
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