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I have recently decided to activate cool n quiet in my system due to lack of gaming activity and overall system use. i have a few questions about this. are there any settings i need to leave on auto, or can i set them myself and still have cool n quiet step it down for me. i mean settings like vcore, multiplier, all that fun stuff. the reason i ask is because it does not throttle my cpu at all, it just leaves it where i set it. even after a whole night of idling it does not throttle. i have tried leaving everything on auto and i have tried my custom settings. any help is appreciated.

dfi lanparty s939
athlon 64 3800+ single core
1gb pc3200
500w power supply
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  1. I used cool and quiet for a long time; then turned it off after one too many blue screens. You have nothing to worry about. Just watch your temps if overclocking.
  2. You need to enable C&Q in the BIOS, install the AMD processor driver.

    AMD Processor Driver Version for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64) - Allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed, voltage and power combination to match the instantaneous user performance need. This package is a user friendly localized software installation of the driver designed for end-users. This driver supports AMD processors on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 and x64 Editions.

    ...and you need to set your power management in windows to "minimal power management".
  3. where is this processor driver and how big of a file is that? and to often did your system blue screen?
  4. About once every 2 weeks. No big deal. It's just that the voltage fluctuations caused by the software to save energy caused this problem with 4 sticks of memory. Your board might work fine with it. I've had 2 other boards run it with no problems. Try it.
  5. Yo can find the driver on AMD's web site. Select the drivers & utilities link for your processor.
  6. thanks everyone. if i have more problems i'll post em
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