Can't get past starting up on any OS

EDIT: Problem solved! I still don't exactly know what the problem was, but what I did was swap both my sticks of ram and put them in the unused memory slots, moved my secondary drive further away from my main drive, moved my heat monster of a graphics card further away from my HDs, and then everything started to work. I'm guessing it was the ram but I don't know, might have been a loose connection or overheating. Thanks for nothing Tom's hardware forums :P

I have a fun problem right now, I was upgrading from vista to windows 7 and during the installation it said that it had failed and started rolling back to vista, during this my computer shut off randomly (its been doing that a bit recently) and when I tried to start my computer again it just sits at the windows starting up screen.

When I try to use my ubuntu live disk it gets to "Booting the kernal" and then just sits there and does nothing. When I try to use my windows xp disk it loads up all the windows files then gets to "starting up windows" and then just sits there and does nothing. My windows 7 disk does nothing useful at all. I tried turning off boot sector protection on my bios but that didn't do anything at all as far as I ca see.

So basically, I can't format or install any OS at this point, I don't care if I lose any of the data on that drive it doesn't have anything important.

Slightly annoying. If anyone can help me I'd love you forever, I just ran a memory test and everything came back fine, so the only thing I can think of that's messing up is my HD
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  1. Ok, I was confused before, now I don't have any damn idea

    i just unplugged my HD IDE cable restarted with my ubuntu live disk in, it got past booting the kernal, started booting up like it should, then went back to booting the kernal and just sitting there. What...?


    Edit: So now its doing it with the HD connected. I have no idea what the hell the problem is.
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