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Still working on a custom build, just got the P182 and now working on the MB & processor....I'm sold on the P5E, since more people are buying that then the maximus formula boards. However, I'm concerned about the PCIE slots on these X38 boards:

1) The PCIEx1 slot thats closest to the heatsink, does it allow room for any type of PCIEx1 sound card? or you have to use the stock one that comes with it? I want to install a Lynx AES16e in the future....anyone know the max dimensions that particular slot will support? I know the original card is a half PCI card, assuming the dimensions are the same for the PCIEx1 version of the same card, will it fit in that slot without interference from the heatsink?

2) I'm not using the dual PCIEx16 mode for video. I want to use the second PCIEx16 slot for a raid card or another audio card? Anyone with experience in the situation, I would love your input. The PCIEx16 slot seems to only get advertisted with a video card.
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  1. Destro:

    I am using the ASUS P5E and the manual states that their sound card can only go in that one slot. They don't say if something else can go there. I wouldn't trust it.

    Also, like you I wanted a RAID card in the 2nd PCie 2.0. I am using the onboard RAID for a two drive mirror holding the O/S and a 3 drive RAID 5 holding my data. I wanted the RAID 5 to be faster so I bought an Adaptec 5405 card.

    So, I installed the new Adaptec card and now my system won't boot. During boot up, the Adaptec card is recognized, but the normal onboard RAID boot menu doesn't show anymore. I reconfigured the Adaptec card to NOT load its own BIOS and played with the ASUS BIOS settings, but nothing. I removed the card and everything works again. Part of the problem is that in the ASUS BIOS, I should be able to specify their onboard array or the Adaptec array as the boot choice. All I get to choose from is the floppy, DVD or something labeled "Hard Drive"

    I also have an older Intel D975XBX motherboard with a mirror on the motherboard holding the O/S. I installed the Adaptec card on that system and IT WORKS FINE.

    Two e-mails to ASUS Tech got me the usual "3rd party hardware, not our problem" response and now I realize why I used to always buy Intel motherboards.


    ASUS P5E
    Windows Vista X64/SP1
    8 GB RAM
  2. You have to disable any on-board hard drive support before you put an add-in card. I don't know where you are getting the idea that any manufacturer has to support an option to boot from the onboard device or an add-in, there are just too many variables involved to support something so oddball. I have seen it in a Gigabyte motherboard which had two built-in controllers, one PATA and one SATA, but you can't predict what someone might install as an add-in card. The add-in has to interrupt the normal boot process and install its BIOS in the memory map, which would wreak havoc with any code designed to support such a boot system.
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