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My Sony VAIO with Vista crashed-- I got the blue screen of death repeatedly. Fortunately, with the VAIO on-board diagnostics / recovery software I was able to retrieve almost everything from the c-drive. I copied it all to an external hard drive. Then, after nothing else worked, I did a factory rewrite / restore. Downloaded MS Security Essentails, scanned both the "new" computer, and the external drive, and removed several malware files.

So now my question is, I told the VAIO to recover eveything it could, and now on the external drive are lots of files that I don't think I need or want. Some because they are redundant (factory restore process reloaded them), some because they were associated with bloatware I never wanted in the first place. So my common sense tells me to save all my precious stuff (photos, docs, music, etc.) and delete the rest. Yeah?

I don't need program files from trial version bloatware, the "Users" file structure, or the "Windows" folder . . . do I? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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  1. Unfortunately, you will have to delete a lot of stuff manually.

    For deleting unwanted programs go to Control Panel and uninstall them if possible.

    Duplicate files can be deleted by downloading "CloneSpy" - (I have used this and it works well)

    Seriously consider frequent and regular backups to an external disk
  2. Thanks for your answer, but to be clear-- I'm not asking about deleting stuff from the newly restored laptop, which is back to its original factory state. I'm going to download PC decrapifier and go to town.

    I'm talking about the old files that were salvaged from the crashed computer, which are all now on an external hard drive. Obviously, my pictures, docs, music . . . anything precious and personal. But is there anything I want to save or should save from a computing aspect?

    For example, if I have all my MS Office document files, I don't need the old MSOcache folder, right? And the old "Windows" folder? Since the system restore re-created the Windows folder structure, I don't need the old folders, at least I don't think so. (?) Going just on common sense with very little software knowledge . . . if I now import that old stuff back, I will have file redundancies and duplicate folders everywhere . . . right?

    Anybody understand me and my little problem?

    Oh, and I have definitely learned about backing stuff up. This situation could have turned out much worse . . . as it was, I lost a few things but the Sony's recovery software retreived about ninety percent of my files, a very small amount of which were backed up on SD cards and thumb drives. A hundred bucks for an external hard drive is nothing compared to the priceless value of my pictures, videos, and documents.

    Thanks again

  3. The old files and folders which are now on the external drive must be manually examined and either left as-is or deleted on by one. If you can delete a group of files under a folder that you no longer need, it will go quicker.

    Your thinking makes sense, and you are the only one who can determine what to keep and what to delete.

    As I mentioned, "CloneSpy" can quickly identify and delete redundant duplicate files. However, do NOT use clonespy on the "C" drive or any drive that holds the operating system. It is to be used for data directories only.
  4. There is one more thing that you can try; "CCLEANER" -
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