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Im basically setting up a system that will serve as our office server which will run on Windows 2003 OS. The main application will be an ERP database system which will run of MS SQL Server 2005. My systems consultant also told me that I can install Symantec Antivirus in the server to manage protection for the other workstations. I have a separate linux box to handle the internal e-mail in the office.

Initially I was thinking about going with the HP Proliant ML110 G5 with a Xeon 3065 processor and 2 160gb sata drive. But the prices when I compared prices here in the Philippines as against prices in the US and Australia for the unit, I thought I was being robbed. US Prices were at around $900 while local prices was at around $1,500. So again, on the advise of my it consultant, he told me that it would be faster to run on a souped up quad core PC.

Following his suggestion, I thought of building a system with a q6600 chip. However, I wanted to have some kind of server reliability. So I wanted a board that can run in RAID and supports ECC memory. I came up with 3 choices that are available locally. Asus p5w dh deluxe, Intel P975xbx2 and the Gigabyte x38 series. I decided Id just go with the cheapest available among the three since I really did not need any of the multimedia enhancements that come with these gaming boards. Hence, I am buying the Asus P5W DH Deluxe for around $200. I already ordered 2gb 800mhz unbuferred ECC memory and am looking for a halfway decent PSU. HEC winpower 480 and Gigabyte SuperB series are my choices for better reliability.

Finally, and this is where I need a lot of input, I have to chose my drives. I initially wanted to just buy 3 sata II drives. One for the OS/apps and the other 2 for the database running on RAID 1 for security. Then I thought of my old server which has a scsi controller with an old u160 18gb 10k rpm drive. I am also considering a 74gb raptor for speed in the primary drive. The question I have is would it still be a good idea to use my scsi drive or should I just get a 74gb raptor and put all my apps on it. (Only stuff I plan on putting on it are Win 2003/MS SQL Server 2005 and Symantec). Note that the ERP allows me only 10 concurrent users so this isn't really going to be to heavy on the system and I don't intend to leave the server to run 24/7. For those who have knowledge of SQL Server, since the system is going to be primarily be used for this purpose, would it even be advisable to use a fast drive even if I intend to put the data in a sata drive or would the mere access of the SQL Server application be worth buying the relatively expensive raptor?

After setting up the system, I also have questions on whether I should enable TCQ for the raptor considering that this would be a multi-user environment. Should I use RAID 1 on the data drives? Should I just manual backup everyday and create an image of my primary drive?

Sorry guys for the ultra-long post but I have been preoccuppied with this more than I really should be. I have been researching for weeks and one thing leads to another and I really have to set this system up soon. Most of the research I have found are based on single user gaming set-ups which would not be applicable to my needs.

Hope you guys can help me. Thanks.
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