Trying to do a clean install of windows xp but system wont boot from cd i get er

i ran active kill disc program to erase local disc c then went to bios and changed boot device order saved changes and reboot now system wont boot from cd i get error loading operating system msg
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  1. Why change the boot sequence?
  2. to boot from cd to reinstall xp
  3. so then after you wipe your hard drive clean, to do a clean install you dont go to the boot device menue in your bios and move the cd rom to the top of the list so that when the computer reboots it installs windows from your install disc? im sorry but i dont think you understand the problem im having ?so ill try to explain again. iI used the free program active kill disc to erase my hard drive . so that i could do a fresh re install of xp but after erasing hard drive now my system will not read or detect my cd drive msg says error loading operating system
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