Need help with Asus rev. #'s

Just received this board, and I'm a bit confused.

Is the motherboard revision number, the same as the bios revision? [that's what it says...]

B/c if it is I don't get it.

The board i got had a revision number of 1.00G

now if you look at the rev. you need for the Wolfdale's it says: 0405

So at this point I'm like, yeay, i get to flash the bios :whistle: :pfff: ...but...

Now If you check the older Conroe's and even the Pentium's 4 series, it says revision number 0202.

So what I'm wondering is, is there some sort of table that would explain what the 1.00G means and how does that relate to asus's revision table?

Because I can't find a lower revision on their table that would at least make sense, and if thats the case, then did they make this motherboard to be flashed by the consumer, no matter what CPU they got?
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