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I recently noticed that my disk cleanup tool was acting odd. After initially running it successfully I noticed that my recycling bin was still full so I went back into disk cleanup and it read that all the folders contained 0 bytes. When I click on "view files" for one of the said folders it opens up and I can clearly see the contents despite the clean up tool telling me the folders contain nothing. Here is a picture to help show what I'm talking about.

Has anyone encountered this before? I like to run automated disk clean ups and having to delete these folders manually will probably grow to be annoying. From what I can find on Google most people having this problem only see it with one or two folders or the disk cleanup tool does not work at all.

Thanks guys

windows 7 pro 64
i7 950 @ 4
24gb 1900mhz 7-7-7
pny evga gtx580's in sli
Asus Rampage IIIf
120gb ssd boot
Raid0 2tb slave
850w psu
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  1. you could try CCleaner
  2. This is just an assumption, but some programs put a file or folder there and will retain a lock on it. Open files can't be deleted. Have you tried deleting these files manually? If so, does it say you can't because it's currently in use? If so, the program that has the lock on the file/folder needs terminated first.
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    I think all the Big Bang Theory stuff your reading is corrupting your brain.
  4. geekapproved said:
    I think all the Big Bang Theory stuff your reading is corrupting your brain.


  5. Thanks for the response guys. Sorry to waste your time but I have since figured out the problem. I had to select my slave drive when opening disk cleanup in order to empty my recycling bin. I'm assuming because most of the media that was deleted was originally on my slave drive. I was not aware it worked like that. As for the temp files and downloaded files that were left behind I'm not entirely sure but it might be files that are instantly recreated. -?
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