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i have a 14 gig capacity on each of my local disks, and i would like to upgrade them to a higher one so that all of my programs could fit in nicely, and o that when i boot my computer it would not run in snail pace..and i don't know how..kindly help me..thanks very much..
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  1. Can you give us your system specifications? If you only have 14 GB drives, your system is probably old and I remember some older system having 32-40 GB limit on HD/partition size. Moreover, many drives are now SATA as older drives were PATA. So we need to know more about your PC so we can suggest compatible replacements.

    Changing the HD might give a little performance boost, but don't expect a huge difference. If you have an upgrade budget, people can certainly suggest something very cheap (~300$) which might be 3-4 times faster that what you currently have.
  2. We are going to need more information to help here. Are you saying you have your disk partitioned into 14g logical drives? Do you want to combine them to create more space on just the one drive, or do you want to add a second drive to create more space?
  3. yes, i would like to add another drive to create more space..
  4. dudparetol said:
    yes, i would like to add another drive to create more space..
    A bit more information on your current system would help. As I said before, some parts we commonly use today might be incompatible with older PCs. We don't want to mislead you into useless purchases so we need to know more.
  5. here are the system information of my computer:

    Processor: AMD Sempron Processor 2600+, MMX, 3D Now, ~1.6 hz
    Memory: 238 MB Ram
    Page File: 265 MB used, 245 MB available.

    hmn..that's it..i know my system is kind of old but i would really like to learn more about them..especially if there is a chance for me to upgrade them..

    and, each of my HD has 14 gig memory.

    i have a lot of programs to install but with the situation of my system it would be sort of difficult to install them, right?
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