The left ctrl key causes the computer to go to sleep.

I'm honestly at a loss here, I mean, I wouldn't know where to start. Googling for a solution does not bring up anything and I wouldn't have a clue how to fix this.

I discovered it earlier today, pressing the left ctrl key on my keyboard causes the whole computer to go to sleep, it's most likely not a Windows Vista issue and rather something to do with the programs I have installed.. I imagine, so if there were a more general computer software forums I would have posted there.

Really though I don't know where to start and any help will be appreciated. I'll be trying to find the meaning of this for the rest of the day but if anyone knows the actual solution it would help so much. Thanks!

EDIT: The case just got weirder. My HP keyboard (Which I have been using for some 5 years) has had the top right volume control keys borked. They no longer raise the volume, instead they appear to spew Ctrl+F, Capslock, and what seems like the letter T randomly. This all happened with chrome on a new page and me just spamming the buttons. Something must have messed with this as well, is there any way to restore it to default? Thanks.

EDIT: I thought right ctrl works just fine, it seems to work for everything except the shortcut Ctrl+W which closes the browser. So I have to manually close them now, oh the horror :pfff:. I'll just take it that my whole thing is bonkers now.

MASSIVE EDIT! I somehow fixed all this! After messing around for some time, I feel it will come back if I restart but lets see what happens. I'll try to replicate this is god knows someone else has this issue.

FIXED!! Wish I could give more help, to be honest the 'sleep' problem happened one time yesterday, I just thought I accidentally pressed the sleep button, but it was in fact left ctrl.

What I recommend trying though:
- Run multiple games and see if it works.
- Run Malwarebytes

I ran both of these, unsure if they even solved the issue for it persisted after it for some time, 10 minutes or so, but if you have no other options definitely try these.

It's back, I wish I knew what caused this.
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  1. Installing new keyboard drivers and using a system restore of 4 days back did not fix this. I really don't know what to do now. Guess I'll run combofix then malwarebytes. I feel like a virus isn't the problem however.

    Edit: Combofix did the trick. It all works now! Pheeeew! This has become more of a blog now that I've looked back :pt1cable:
  2. I am 6havin5g t6he same error. and as you can see from my answer, random dig5its and characters pop up/. every now and th6en wh6en i am typin5g even t6houg56h i 6have not pressed t6hose buttons. i use an external keyboard on my laptop, 6have been doing5 so since 2 years and suddenly th6is 6has started to 6happen. it-'s terrifyin5g. well, I don't even wanna go and press Left Ctrl?? Did you ever solve this? last thing i wanna do is an entire clean Reinstall. I have the Dell Inspiron N5010 i5 2.67GHz, AMD Mobility Radeon 5650HD, and windows 7 Enterprise 6h4 bit. 5good luck reading through this. i 6have intentionally not removed t6hose random pop up letters. t6his is just sad. As soon as I use left Ctrl, it'll goto sleep
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