RUNDLL Error Loadin eywk.wxo

I am unable to load windows XP in normal mode, the windows loading page comes up and after about 4-5 seconds, it restarts the computer. The computer then goes to the screen where I am able to access safe mode etc.

I am able to log into windows safe mode and as soon as windows comes up in safe mode, I get a" RUNDLL Error loading eywk.wxo The specified module could not be found" message. I am able to use windows in safe mode without problem with one exception, which may or may not be related.

I have a wireless system set up but I am not able log onto the internet with on my desktop, which is my main computer, but I am able to access the net with my laptop through the wireless.

I have searched all over the place and about 30 different forums and computer help websites, and this eywk.wxo is almost nowhere. I have found one site that simply says that this is a new trojan that was first seen on 6-27-2010 and that it is still under evaluation.

Has anyone else ever heard of this thing or have any suggestions?
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  1. Can you get safe mode with networking? Can you run a scan for viruses in safe mode? Can you use system restore after booting in safe mode?
    What type of security was installed? Give all the details.

    The last resort being that you take out the drive, install it as a second drive on a functional XP computer, recover your personal files and make a backup, try scanning the drive with the functional computer...
    Reformat the drive and reload the software, reload your files from your back up.
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