graphics card or more ram?

Right now i have 512 RAM and an ATI radeon 9550 graphics card and when i play WoW (the game i play most) i lag really bad at certain aspects of the game (like when i enter shattrath). Is improving the amount of ram i have more important or the graphics card? If its the graphics card, can anyone recommend me a good AGP graphics card (no pci-e slot on motherboard) that will allow me to play WoW at good FPS? (i heard the x1950 pro is not a good card for WoW). Thanks

i have a p4 2.6 ghz with a 430w power supply
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  1. go with an upgrade to 1.5 or 2gb ram.. will help alot with system responsiveness overall
  2. it depends , lunch your game , do alt+tab then ctrl+alt+del , go in performance , then see how much Ram u use with wow lunched .. if u under your Ram size , dont upgrade ram it will be useless !

    btw , i was playing wow last year with ATi x850xt all maxed out with no lag at all !
  3. More RAM will be a huge improvement, but also if you want a better vid card. Look into the GF 6, or 7 series.
    Such as:
    (not in stock now, but $51)

    or the ATI:

    any of those cards will be an improvement, and as for RAM:
    If a standard DDR:
    ($90, DDR 400 is getting expensive)
    or if DDR2:
  4. I have a 9550 also and had 512mb of RAM. The 9550 can handle WOW since it has low requirements but it runs fairly slow (250 core clock). I think if you can squeeze it in a new video card is a must.
  5. I'd recommend upgrading both, personally. The GPU may increase your FPS some, but the jump from 512MB to 1GB of RAM is quite noticeable in XP.

    If it is indeed plain DDR RAM (not DDR2) then I wouldn't recommend spending the extra money on old RAM. As IH8U stated, it's getting more expensive, and it would make no sense if you upgraded your motherboard down the road. (esp. since I can't think of any new motherboards that still support DDR)
  6. in the nutshell:

    1. You do need more RAM
    2. WoW is not that demanding when it comes to GPU power
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