First time building a computer.a couple questions.

Hello. So I;ve been dreaming of building my own rig for quite a while(like since i saw a computer) lol and I've finally built one. It has:
AMD 5000+ Black Edition (planning to OC to 3.2Ghz with 1.4V and 16 multiplier,no change to FSB)
Antec Sonata III case with 500W Earthwatts powersupply
Asus M2n32 SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition
ZEROTherm BTF90 cooler
320gB Seagate Barracuda Harddrive
2 x 1GB OCZ platinum Rev 2 RAM (4-4-4-15)
Razer Barracuda Soundcard
Lite on DVD+-burner
and a 20" Acer LCD(16:10,5ms response,native resolutuion at 1680x1050 although i dont like to go that high,i enjoy the 1440 x 900 desktop plugged into my old rig with a FX5200 lol i know it's stone age.)
so i was putting them together,but i think i spread too little thermal grease,cause only put on enough to spread around so i dont see the letters on the cpu anymore.Is that too little?I can't take off the BTF90 cause it's clamped pretty tight >.<
Also, I was gonna try to OC the cpu and stuff,but i found out I can plug my monitor into the machien at all,since the MOBO didn't have an integrated graphics card lol. But I was gonna get a graphics card anyway,so I'll just Have to wait. I was thinking between HD3850 512MB(i know my mobo is SLI,but i dout i'll get 2 graphics cards any time soon), a GeForce 8800GS, a 8800GTS 320MB, and a 9600GT. Now Since my SAT is coming up on March 1st I'm gonna wait until after to buy a graphics card lol,so i dont get distracted by COD4 and Crysis. Now my question is,which card should i get?I have a budget of no more than 200$. And I saw this early benchmark of 9600GT,and it only match up to HD3850 256MB. Seems like the HD3850 512MB will surely pwn it. BUT, I read that the HD3850 requires 75W on the 12 rail while the 8800 and 9600 only needs 26. Seems like my PSUY cant support it with 17 on each of the 12rails. Can i run HD3850 anyway? Will the Nvidia chipsets on my mobo not work together with the Radeon?Will the so-so CPU bottleneck any of the potential graphics cards?Thanks for all your answers.
BTW here are the benchies i was talking about.

Seems like the 512MB of HD3850 will outperform the 9600GT hehe. :lol:
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  1. Okay let me try and clear a few things up.
    * Your PSU has PLENTY of power for any single GPU solution out there (read my 380w PSU link in my signature to see what I'm talking about). You have 34A on the 12V rails, so there isn't any problem their either.
    * SLI means that you can only run "2" nVidia cards at once to use the SLI portion of your mobo. You can run "any" single GPU in your main PCI-e slot, so you can run any AMD/ATI GPU that you want, including the 3850. If you plan on going SLI, which I don't recommend, than you'd have to stick with nVidia for your GPU selection. Otherwise you'd have to pull out your AMD GPU and install 2 nVidia GPU's into the mobo, in order to use the SLI function of the mobo.

    It looks like the 3850 512mb might be better than the 9600gt, but it's not listed on your benchmarks, so I'm just speculating. If you go with nVidia, the 9600gt looks good too. Not sure what the prices are of some of the GPU's that are in the benchmark (9600gt/8800gs 384mb), but if they are close to $200 than that wouldn't be too bad of a price.
  2. Your PSU can easily handle any of the "single" cards you mention. It cannot, however, handle dual cards if you ever plan to go that way.
  3. thank you for answering that all-important question for me... anyways, OP, i would suggest you save as much now and see what comes out... cos those benches are, AFAIK, preliminary ones... so just give it a bit of time... if it still comes up to be the same, then go for the 3850 512...
  4. thank you guys.anyone know if my cpu bottlenecks the graphics card?or if i use too little thermal grase?
  5. Typically people use too much thermal grease. Go to Arctic Silver's website and check out their instructions to see if you did it properly. You only need a little.
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