Upgrading RAID1 to larger drives (HELP, I'm stuck)

have a server running a Raid 1 array with 2x 80gig IDE HDDs. There’s 3 partitions on the drive.
One HDD in the array has failed, the other is a bit dodgy (old machine). I’m trying to find the best and fastest way to keep the data on the remaining drive but transfer it to a new array of 2x 500gig drives.

So far I have tried:
Ghosting the remaining 80gig HDD to a new 500gig then just rebuilding the array with the 2x 500’s
But Norton’s ghost just hangs on the “Checking NTFS Volume” when I try to ghost.
I’ve run chkdsk on all partitions but still same thing, just freezes (left it for 2 hours) so no luck here. (also checked that ghost can do this, which it should have no issues, ghost v11)

Second idea:
I took the remaining 80gig drive, put it in my workstation and used PartitionMagic to copy the partitions to the new 500gig drive. It copied one partition over fine but then gets an error “Error #11117” and wont do what I want. I looked up the error and didn’t find anything that helped me at all.
I ran all of the partitionmagic tests on the 80, it passed them all fine with no errors.
I cleaned off the 500 and tried copying the partitions that I needed etc multiple times, still get the same error then partitionmagic crashed and blahh.

So, I’m wondering..
1.) Are theses problems I’m having caused by the 80gig drive being part of a raid array, I’ve read up about both apps listed above and they both apparently support what I’m trying to do?

2.) Also, what would happen if I just put then 500gig into the server that’s running the 80gig and told the machine to rebuild the array?

3.) Is there any other software I should try (pref freeware as we already own ghost)

Formatting and starting again is NOT an option, that would take me an insane amount of time to load on all the software, users groups, dhcp, shares, printers, blah blah etc.
I can’t just delete it all and start again, the server needs minimal downtime. So these options are out of the question

Also note, the 80gig drive seems to pass every test I have run on it, chkdsk’s fine and partitionmagic all seem to say its fine. But I’m thinking it could be on its way out (with my data, noooo)
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  1. Break the RAID first. Ghost the working drive onto a 500. Expand the partition to the full drive if necessary. Rebuild the RAID with the other drive.
  2. So.. If I select "Delete Array" it just breaks the array, I won't lose data?

    Thanks (I'm new to this)
  3. Nevermind, deleting the array will lose all data. I've already broken the array and tried ghosting to the 500, this is the problem.

    I cant image the data across, errors as above
  4. Try Acronis True Image....Ghost simply sucks.
  5. Yeah I did the Acronis True Image - It kicks total ass... I love it!
  6. Glad it worked for you....yeah Acronis is pretty slick. Who ever wrote that program knew what they were doing. Works like a charm, and very easy to use.
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