Someone purposely changed my settings. HELP

I had a "situation" with my 21 year old son, and before he left home on Thursday, he left me a note that said he did something to my computer so I can't get online. Nice kid, huh?

I have Vista. Wireless internet in the house. The modem/router is working fine. I even have an "excellent signal" coming to my computer, but when I try to get online it says "Cannot communicate with primary DNS server ( When I click to diagnose it then says "Network diagnostic pinged the remote host but did not receive a response." Then I reset the network adapter and it says there still seems to be a problem with our connection.

I am able to plug the modem/router wire directly into my computer and get online that way, just not wirelessly.

I don't know what he did, but I'm guessing he changed my settings. Should my DNS server number be the same as my IP DNS address or IPV Default address?
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  1. Look for the reset button on the router (often below a pinhole) which will restore default settings.

    If this doesn't help, do an ethernet cable link between computer and router, read the router manual and work out how to address the router user interface.

    Disable wireless security in the router until you can get a reliable connection via wireless.

    Then reset wireless security, matching setting between router and your computer's wireless adapter.
  2. hes changed the ip of the dns server to something random which is why it doesnt work.

    open network connections, right click on your wireless adaptor and select properties, select the tcpip option and select properties and then select automatically find my settings for both ip and dns.

    the dns server can be set to your routers address which im assuming is something like
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