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I'm in the process of a new build and need advice
I'm thinking of a 6600 go stepping quad cpu
8800 gt graphics (are all brands about the same spec)possible upgrade at later date to dual
Which motherboard (P35/X38/680i/780i)
Will my existing psu cope 450W 28A on 12v line
How much Ram for games like WIC/Call of Duty/Bioshock etc
Approx £600 to spend but Is it worth spending extra on cpu or graphics
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  1. 450W should be JUST enough as long as it is a nice brand name power supply.

    EVGA is the top rated graphics card distributor. I have their GTS 512mb model which is a little better than the Gt, and I love it.

    To save some money, get a P35 motherboard, but make sure you find one that is ready for the quad core without a bios update.. pretty sure most of them are, like the Asus P5K-E (100% sure it works out of box with quadcore).

    You will only need 2gb of DDR2-800 memory for games, if you're feeling ambitious, you can get 2x2gb sticks of G-skill or corsair memory.
  2. Everywhere I go I must mention the E8400

    Gaming that doesn't support more than 2 cores (ALL GAMES CURRENTLY LOL)

    E8400 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Q6600
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