Why does my XP desktop take ages to load?

Please can you tell me why my XP desktop takes ages to load when I have logged in to it. I have a number of icons on there and the background is a photo. I also have the quick launch taskbar. Many thanks
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  1. It may be having problems with a startup program. Deactivate all your startup programs and see what happens.
  2. There are a number of issues, the amount of RAM memory, too many applications running in the system, cookies, malware, spyware, a large number of microsoft updates, adware that has been installed by visiting numerous websites, the speed and cache memory of the processor, the security software that has been installed, how often the drive has been de-fragmented, etc...

    Often it is simpler to back up the personal files and reinstall the operating system from scratch, clearing out all the accumulated junk in the drive.
    Here are some of the most common mistakes that slow down the computer:

    1. Installing multiple media players such as real player, media player, adobe shock wave player....there should only be one player installed-and that's it.

    2. Installing multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Silverlight...pick one or two browsers and leave it at that. Don't eat up the system resources by installing a bunch of unnecessary programs. Chrome should not be installed on most XP systems.

    3. Running AOL software. This will slow down a system to a crawl.

    4. Multiple security programs such as cleaners, fixers, sweepers, anti viruses. Use ONE all in one security application.

    5. Failure to empty the cookies folder. Many cookies contain spyware and should be deleted on a regular basis.

    6. Failure to run regular security scans of the entire system. Failure to use a high quality security system.

    In most computers, at least 10 or more programs can be deleted with no affect on the user. This frees the system resources and speeds up the computer.
    There are hundreds of fake system cleaners and fixes on the internet, don't use them unless they are highly trusted and widely recommended. Most of these fixes infect computers, and should be carefully avoided.
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