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I have win 7 installed, and want to install also win XP, so I restarted after putting the win XP CD, and when it comes to beginning the setup a blue screen appears telling me that my system might contains viruses, and that i must remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers, and to make sure that my hard drive is properly configured & terminated, and finally that I must run CHKDSK \F then restart my computer.
I tried 2 XP CDs I have but same thing!
I tried CHKDSK \F but no use.
What to do?
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  1. First off-- don't run XP and 7 on the same computer, it causes too many problems.
    Second, your computer may be infected with a virus, so start up 7 and run the best virus scans on the entire system If you can.
    In the case that you get nothing but a blue screen, and you can't even start 7, you can try safe mode with networking to run a virus scan.
    If you can't get safe mode, you may need to wipe the drive and start over loading 7 from scratch.
    Depending on what make and model of computer (?), there may be other recovery options. For example, Dell has a system recovery that runs without starting windows. This can take the system back to a time before the problem started.

    However, depending on how you attempted to install XP, you may have wiped out the system, and may need to start over from square one. This means reformat the entire drive and reload all the software.
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