Which Motherboard to get? Quad-Core, RAID, OC, SLI

I am deciding which motherboard to get. They are both based off of the nVidia nForce 750i SLI chipset.

The main difference between them is the MSI board has three PCI-E slots compared to the two on the ASUS. Now I read soemwhere that the third isnt meant to be used for TRi-SLI but for something else, I cant remember what though.

Anyway please tell me which one would be the better buy, I am leaning towards the ASUS one as I have used a few ASUS boards before and they OC pretty well and are pretty stable. I am using a Intel Q6600 (OCd) 2GB Crucial RAM, two 160GB HDs in RAID 0, and two nVidia 9600GTs on SLI. By running them in SLI on the 750i they both run at x8 but at 2.0 pcie so I decided the performance hit would be minimal.
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  1. problem with the asus board is the NB generates alot of heat (if you have a high end aftermarket cpu cooler that fits it will take care of this problem), and ive heard reviews of it being a poor overclocker.
    MSI is supposedly the better OC of the 750i series, seen couple reviews on it overclocking better than 780i's.
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