Suggest >8GB + SLI + Phase Cooled build

I need a system setup with the following requirements
1. Fast processors (2x qx9660, oced)
2. >8GB
3. SLI / crossfire
4. Phase change coolers

My current problrem is not knowing which motherboard is suitable. Skulltrail supports up to 8GB only, so its out. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. i call BS
  2. None Exist.
    You will need a Workstation Board for > 8gb.
    Workstation boards don't support SLI/XFIRE.

    Come back Next Year.
  3. Can skulltrail do 4x4GB FBDIMM? I cant wait for skulltrail though. Any existing motherboards that can give me what i want? I came across Asus Z7S but there were mentions that tweaking the memory isnt very flexible...
  4. Note: You will find Boards that Claim more than 8gb support, but they only have 4Dimm Slots and you can only get 2x2GB and there are not any 2x4gb Sticks to hit 16gb of memory its not possible.

    Spend a little time on the forum and learn a bit about computers.
  5. Sorry i dont understand your last post... do u mean i can have a maximum of 4x2GB=8GB memory with 4 dimm slots only? I see some 4GB Reg. DDR2 sticks around; so can putting 4 of these modules into the 4 dimm slots give me 16GB?
  6. To get more than 8GB the best way to do it would be to get a ram drive and put your pagefile on it. That would be almost as good as having that amount of actual ram.

    Gigabyte iRam:
  7. Hmm 4x1GB for the ram drive isnt enough.

    I think skulltrail should support up to 16GB. Are there other alternative motherboards? Im worried the prommy cooling head cant fit the cramped space above the processors.
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