Asus P5N-D overheating

I buy new Asus P5N-D motherboard and I use it with Pentium D820 processor, Corsair memory and GeForce 8800GTS. problem is that temperature of chipset is 20 degrees higher then processor temperature. P is on 32 and MB is on 52. Becouse of this sometimes i cant turn on PC and must wait while it cool down. What can i do with it?
And second problem is that I use Win Xp Professional and when I install new forceware for my graphic card system go on 4bit colours and 640x480 resolution and i cant change it.
Im realy frustrated.
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  1. Have you put the coolfin on your Chipset?

    You get a CoolFin with the Asus P5N-D motherboard.
  2. Installation instructions say only install chipset fan when running water cooling otherwise it will disrupt the airflow in the case.
    I have same problem so I will try this despite fact I do not have water cooling.

    Faulty, overheating, P5N-D has been repaired 3 times, now they want me to return it again. TWICE they promised me a new board, still I got the old board back. It overheats before I can even install Windows. Nothing but trouble. When you try live support, this is what you get

    Sorry, all engineers are currently busy assisting other customers. You may continue to wait for an engineer to become available or you may contact us through our support site for further assistance.


    If you want nothing but GRIEF buy ASUS garbage
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